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  1. People always have to keep focusing on others and don't focus on their selves that's a big problem with human beings always focusing on other the won't focus on themselves our own families their own problems but always starting other people it makes me sick

  2. Francis is too smart. He knows UFC sees him as NOTHING but a # on their agenda. Look what they did to Jon Bone Jones for 3yrs while he was on his prime… I hope Francis opens up his own league world wide & surpass Dana to let him know WHO'S THE REAL BOSS!! Most people don't know Dana used to be a bag b*tch for Mayweather back in the days.😎

  3. Jones probably been eating to much meat for so called protein (for gains) and acidic foods and causing dehydration of h230 (electrolytes) that causes twitches etc. not a good sign!!! Stick him on raw vegetables ( some have more protein than meat!) instead of meat 5 times a day!


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