World Pro Results, Huge Upsets As Portugal Breaks Brazilian Dominance Twice in Abu Dhabi

The World Pro Championship, arranged by the AJP Tour federation, happened in Abu Dhabi, UAE on November 10, 2023. The occasion included different departments consisting of male and female classifications. In the male 56kg department, Yuri Hendrex emerged triumphant, while Meyram Maquine won the 62kg department. Diego Sodre declared the title in the 69kg classification, while Pedro Ramalho won the 77kg department. Bruno Lima emerged triumphant in the 85kg department, with Fellipe Andrew taking the 94kg title. Felipe Bezerra won the 120kg department. In the female classifications, Mayssa Bastos declared the 49kg title, Anna Rodrigues won the 55kg department, Julia Alves emerged triumphant in the 62kg classification, Ingridd Alves won the 70kg department, and Gabrieli Pessanha emerged triumphant in the 95kg department. Overall, the occasion showcased extraordinary skill and competitive matches worldwide of jiu-jitsu.


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