MMA confidential: UFC fighters ready to make the leap into boxing

Francis Ngannou’s outstanding efficiency against Tyson Fury in a boxing match has actually reignited the pattern of MMA fighters transitioning to the boxing world searching for larger paydays. Despite losing to Fury, Ngannou’s success has actually led the way for other UFC fighters to think about making the dive. The capacity for greater profits, less exhausting training, and less injuries in boxing are enticing aspects for MMA fighters. However, not all fighters will discover success in boxing, as it needs a prominent challenger and cautious preparation to protect profitable matches. Names like Conor McGregor and Jorge Masvidal might be next in line to get in the boxing ring, stimulating an ongoing interest in this crossover pattern. The shift from MMA to boxing provides chances for fighters, however it likewise includes obstacles and unpredictabilities for those thinking about the switch.


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