'I fought in China against a guy holding two axes – I speared him through the ring'

David Hayes, the latest coach of Team Combat, has actually had his reasonable share of unforeseeable and bloody battling experiences. With his experience and assistance, Team Combat, a fast-moving boxing league with a franchise group format, intends to control the battle sports world. Hayes credits his uncle, Dewey Cooper, as contributing in his success, and together they have actually dealt with a few of the most relentless challengers around the world.

One of Hayes’ most unforgettable battles happened in China, where he discovered himself suddenly completing in a kickboxing occasion. Despite being unprepared, Hayes increased to the event and came out triumphant in front of a crowd of 20,000 individuals. Facing off against a Chinese fighter equipped with axes and non-traditional battling strategies, Hayes and Cooper created a strategy to combat the challenger’s attacks. Hayes wound up breaking the ring throughout the fight however eventually emerged triumphant with the crowd cheering him on.

Hayes’ experience highlights the unforeseeable nature of battle sports and the requirement to adjust to severe scenarios in order to prosper. His stories act as a testimony to the ruthless and bloody world of battle sports, where anything can take place and just the greatest and most durable fighters dominate.


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