Image: Boxing Results: Yoenis Tellez Defeats ‘Action’ Joseph Jackson in Orlando!

At the Caribe Royale, Orlando, Florida, Friday over DAZN promoter Amaury Piedra of MVP Promotions provided in the Main Event Cuba’s unbeaten WBA Continental Latino champ and No. 9 ranked Super Welterweight Yoenis Tellez quickly beat unbeaten ‘Action’ Joseph Jackson scoring the only knockdown.

In the Main Event Super Welterweight Yoenis Tellez 8-0 (6), #153.8, of Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, Orlando, FL, beat Joseph ‘Action’ Jackson, 19-1 (15), #152.8, of Greensboro, NC, over 10 uneven rounds.

In the 2nd round Tellez landed a strong left hook on the chin dropping a hurt Jackson midway through the round for an 8-count from Referee Massimo Montanini. Jackson wasn’t responding to the referee well upon increasing.

He did all he might by holding to make it through the round soaking up several punches without return.

In the 3rd round Jackson recuperated enough to utilize a jab against the power punching Tellez. In the 4th round with Tellez well ahead Jackson landed really low left hook at the bell dropping Tellez in discomfort.

In the 5th round Tellez stalked attempting to cut off the ring as Jackson remained in survival mode utilizing a jab attempting to prevent Tellez’s power punching. In the 6th rounds midway point Tellez turned southpaw taking the round till the last seconds when Jackson landed numerous punches of his own.

In the seventh round Jackson ran the whole round in order to get through it. Tellez stopped going after motioning to him to begin combating. In the 8 rounds very first minute Jackson stood in front of

Tellez out landing him then got on the run once again.

In the ninth round Tellez continued to control with left hooks to the body whenever Jackson chose to stop running. In the tenth and last round after a minute Tellez rocked Jackson with a left hook to the chin.

With a minute staying a right on the chin from Tellez rocked Jackson. In the last seconds Jackson landed his finest punch of the right a right on the chin of Tellez. Too little bit far too late losing every round simply enduring was Jackson. He ended with swelling under his left eye at the end.

Scores were all 100-89 as did KH.

In a rematch from October ending in a split choice the co-Main Event Lightweight Benigno Aguillar, 12-0-1 (4), #134.6, of Crescent City, FL, beat Alexander Rios, 8-2 (3), #135.4, of St. Cloud, FL, over 8 action rounds.

In the preliminaries last seconds Aguillar had Rios in difficulty. In the 3rd rounds last minute Rios returned well outworking Aguillar. In the 4th round the action continued with Rios once again completing the more powerful of the 2.

In the 5th and 6th rounds the action got going back and forth. In the seventh round Rios continued being the assailant with Aguillar the counter puncher.

In the 8th and last round due to a clash of heads Aguillar suffered a cut under his left eye on the cheek bone. Both had their minutes and Rios made it a close one and simple for Referee Frank Santore, Jr.

Scores were 78-76, 79-73 two times. 78-76 KH.

Lightweight DeMichael Harris, 11-0-1 (10), #132.2, of Decatur, GA, stopped Blas Ezequiel Caro, 11-8 (5), #131, of Rosario, Santa Fe, ARG, in the 5th round of a set up 6 rounds.

In the 5th round Caro was torn down requiring Referee Massimino Montanini to call a stop.

Featherweight Jan Paul Rivera, 9-0 (5), #126, of Salinas, PR, beat a video game David Perez, 9-1 (2), #125.2, of Tulsa, OK, over 6 rounds.

In the very first 2 rounds Rivera controlled mainly with left hooks. In the last seconds of the 3rd round a best lead from Rivera on the chin rocked Perez.

In the 4th and 5th rounds Rivera continued outworking Perez. They had words after the round with Rivera landing a light punch with a caution from Referee Massimino Montanini. In the 6th and last round little occurred with Rivera winning all 6 rounds.
Scores were 60-54 by all judges and KH.

Heavyweight Olympian southpaw Dainier ‘The Fear’ Pero, 7-0 (5), #240, of Camaguey, Cuba, and Orlando, FL, stopped Jose Mario Tamez, 4-4 (1), #228.2, of Monterrey, MEX, at 2:00 if the preliminary of a set up 6 rounds.

In the preliminary the taller southpaw Pero hurt Tamez with a left on the chin midway through the round. Tamez attempted resisting however was no match for Pero. A delegated the body hurt Tamez who remained in no condition to continue in the last minute when Referee Frank Santore, Jr. carefully waved it off.

Heavyweight David “The Beast” Garcia, 6-0 (3), #234.8, of Crescent City, FL, stopped Henry Richard, 4-1 (3), #229.4, of Conroe, TX, at 1:41 of round 2 of a set up 6 rounds.

In the preliminary it recommended the much shorter Garcia who in the last minute landed a 3 punch mix ending with a delegated the chin driving Richard into the ropes for an 8-count from Referee Massimo Montanini. At the bell Garcia had Richard hurt.

In the 2nd round after a minute a right from Garcia on the chin knocked Richard into the ropes for another 8-count from referee Montanini. Upon increasing Garcia was all over him till the referee Montanini carefully called a stop.

Super Middleweight Alexis ‘Chop Chop’ Chaparro, 1-0 (1), #165.6, of PR, Ridgewood, NY, stopped Daniel Augare, 2-4 (2), #166.6, of Browning, MT, at 2:30 in the preliminary of a set up 4 rounds.

In the preliminary Augare tore down from a delegated the body and a right behind the head taking the count of 9. Upon increasing Referee Frank Santore, Jr. waved it off.

Featherweight Xavier Bocanegra, 4-0 (2), #128, of Donna, TX, beat Carlos Andre Dos Santos Rocha, 3-4 (2), #128.2, of Guanulhos, Sao Paulo, BRZ, over 4 rounds.

In the 2nd and 3rd rounds Rocha tore down.

Referee Frank Santore, Jr.

Flyweight Natalie Dove, 2-0 (0), #114, of Phila., PA, beat Alyssia Lopez, 0-1 (0), #111.4, of Cleveland, OH, over 4×2 rounds.

Scores 40-36 two times and 39-37

Referee Massimo Montanini

Ring Announcer Will Montero


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