'The Rock' appointed to UFC, WWE's TKO Group board of directors

An oversized motor coach exited from the vicinity of TD Garden in Boston, accompanied by a crowd of people. The bus then turned onto Causeway Street while the security staff tried to disperse the gathering. This incident occurred on Aug. 18, 2023, right after the conclusion of the UFC 292 ceremonial weigh-ins, where several fighters were returning to their hotel. Among the fans, led by teens and college students, were supporters of Sean O’Malley, some even donning wigs matching his distinctive hair color.

Less than a day after this incident, O’Malley made his way to the arena to the tune of Lupe Fiasco’s “Superstar” and secured a knockout victory against Aljamain Sterling, thus clinching the UFC bantamweight championship. This victory cemented O’Malley’s status as a rising star in the UFC, with comparisons drawn to Conor McGregor, the current leading figure in the sport.

Looking ahead, O’Malley is set to defend his championship title against Marlon “Chito” Vera in the main event of UFC 299 in Miami. This rematch holds significant importance for O’Malley, who aims to further establish himself as the next big star in the UFC, potentially following in the footsteps of McGregor.

O’Malley’s rise to stardom has been fueled not only by his in-cage performances but also by his off-the-field activities, including engaging with younger demographics through platforms like TikTok and YouTube. This has positioned O’Malley as a potential crossover star with mainstream appeal, a quality crucial for UFC’s continued success.

While O’Malley’s journey has drawn comparisons to McGregor and other influencers in combat sports, he remains focused on carving his own path and unique brand that resonates with fans of all ages. As he prepares for his upcoming fight against Vera, the stakes are high, with O’Malley’s potential to become the face of the UFC hanging in the balance.

In the dynamic world of MMA, the evolution of stars like O’Malley is essential for the growth and success of the UFC. As the sport continues to attract audiences worldwide, O’Malley’s ascent could mark a new chapter in the UFC’s history, paving the way for future stars to emerge and take the sport to greater heights.


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