Can Ngannou become a title contender with a win over Joshua?

In simply under 3 months, Francis Ngannou went from never ever having actually gotten in an expert boxing ring to taking on against Tyson Fury in October. Despite being viewed as an underdog, Ngannou shocked everybody by dropping the heavyweight champ in Round 3 and even winning on among the scorecards. Now, Ngannou has another possibility to show himself against previous heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Ngannou’s journey in boxing is genuinely impressive, as he will have dealt with 2 future Hall of Famers in his very first 2 expert matches. Joshua, who searched in leading type when he beat Otto Wallin in 5 rounds, will be a difficult test for Ngannou. Can Ngannou manage another upset, or will Joshua show excessive for him?

If Ngannou can manage the upset against Joshua, he will be in line for a title shot and other considerable battles in the heavyweight department. However, a loss to Joshua might set Ngannou back in his mission for boxing splendor. With all eyes on this upcoming fight, the result will have a considerable effect on Ngannou’s profession trajectory.


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