PFL heavyweight champ Renan Ferreira says Francis Ngannou has a ‘big problem ahead of him’ in future fight
PFL heavyweight champ Renan Ferreira says Francis Ngannou has a ‘big problem ahead of him’ in future fight
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Speculation is swirling that Francis Ngannou may be having second thoughts. Renan Ferreira, his competition in an upcoming match under the PFL banner, shares this sentiment.

Ferreira made a statement in the MMA world by knocking out Ryan Bader in just 21 seconds on Feb. 24. This victory set Ferreira up to be the first challenger for Ngannou’s return to the octagon. Surprisingly, there was no face-to-face encounter between Ferreira and Ngannou after the fight, despite Ngannou’s presence ringside. Many, including Ferreira himself, viewed this as a missed opportunity.

“I was inside the cage waiting for him, but he didn’t show up. I think he may have felt overwhelmed and unsure of how to handle the situation,” said Ferreira in an interview with CBS Sports. “It’s possible he realized the challenge that lies ahead of him.”

“It was disappointing not to have that moment to face him, but I’m excited for the fight to come,” Ferreira added.

For the upcoming fight with Ngannou, Ferreira will receive a guaranteed minimum purse of $2 million, a condition negotiated by Ngannou himself. Ngannou made it a stipulation of his contract with the PFL that his opponents receive at least $2 million for the fight. Ferreira acknowledged his hard work for earning this opportunity, and commended Ngannou for his generosity and respect.

“I believe that financial rewards are a result of one’s efforts. I wouldn’t be here without the dedication I’ve shown,” Ferreira expressed. “But I must highlight the great respect I have for Francis for advocating for his opponents and ensuring their well-being. It speaks volumes about his character and sportsmanship, qualities that I admire and appreciate.”

While Ngannou is currently focused on his boxing match with Anthony Joshua in Riyadh, his return to the MMA world is eagerly anticipated by fans and fighters alike.


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