Deontay Wilder victim Artur Szpilka KO'd

Former Deontay Wilder victim Artur Szpilka made rather an entryway for his newest MMA fight before being eliminated in seconds.

The Polish battle star, who dealt with Wilder in 2016, went into the octagon in an unique chamber to make him look more ominous. It didn’t work and was for theatrical functions just, as Arkadiusz Wrzosek squandered no time at all shaming the ex-professional fighter.

Fighting at KSW 94, Wrzosek relocated to 5-0 by stopping Szpilka before the fight had actually even got off the ground. Szpilka looked an unfortunate shell of the one-time world heavyweight title opposition he when was.

Szpilka holds popularity in the boxing world for being on leading against Wilder, as lots of before him have actually been, before being secured with one blow. That prestige was increased when Wilder confessed he believed his challenger was dead after among the most stunning blows in Showtime Boxing history.

“When I knocked out Artur Szpilka, I believed he was dead for a couple of seconds. That’s simply from natural Alabama nation power,” confessed Wilder at the time.

After silencing his events as Szpilka was tended to, Wilder included: “Szpilka is certainly in my prayers. I hope he’s succeeding.”

Szpilka battled 7 more times as a fighter, losing 3, before continuing to create an MMA profession after boiling to 200 pounds. “The Pin” had 3 wins under his belt, one eyebrow-raising one against ex-World’s Strongest Man rival Mariusz Pudzianowski.

But this time was genuine for the 35-year-old as he was plainly out of his depth regardless of revealing self-confidence through his styled-out walk-in. Looking like something from a Sci-Fi motion picture, Szplika appears to indicate organization. It’s regrettable he stopped working to last more than a couple of seconds before the referee actioned in.

It’s back to the drawing board for Wilder’s most trembling loser.

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