Drake vs Kendrick Lamar diss tracks: Bookies set odds, betting lines on rap boxing match

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Growing up throughout the East Coast rap boom of the 1980s, I rapidly found that Sucker MCs were a genuine issue in the hip hop neighborhood, which is why every rap artist appeared to have at least half-dozen tracks devoted to eliminating their presence.
Fast-forward to 2024 and the issue continues, thanks to Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

But the nation appears divided on who’s the chump and who’s the champ, according to brand-new information launched by BetOnline.ag. 21 states enacted favor of Drake, while the other 29 agreed Lamar. In addition, we now have betting lines on a possible boxing match.
Boxing MatchDrake: -120 (5/6)Kendrick Lamar: -120 (5/6)
They might likewise settle this inside the WWE ring.
“A little Sweet Chin Music goes a long method,” previous WWE champ Shawn Michaels composed on Twitter. “Kendrick Lamar, you and Drake are officially welcomed to WWE NXT to settle this thing. I’m even providing my services to moderate.”
BetOnline likewise has odds on a possible professional fumbling match.

WWE Wrestling MatchDrake: -200 (1/2)Kendrick Lamar: +150 (3/2)
Maybe this time Drake can put among those beast bets on Lamar … because they normally backfire.


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