Image: Haney Camp's Countdown to Redemption: An Attempt to Rewrite History?

Devin Haney’s daddy, Bill Haney, still bitter over his kid’s loss last April, has actually begun a countdown to May 22nd, the day Ryan Garcia’s B-sample is exposed.

Bill appears to believe that the May 22nd outcomes will be some type of success for his kid, Devin, and will eliminate what occurred to him last April in the minds of fans. It’s far too late. Haney’s appeal has actually taken a hit, which ain’t going to alter no matter what the May 22nd outcomes reveal.

Ryan has actually provided to offer Haney a rematch, stating, “If you feel you were cheated, we can run it once again.” That would be the perfect method for Haney to redeem himself instead of utilizing the May 22nd B-sample reading as a method to claim success.

Bill’s energy in the May 22nd B-sample reading recommends that he feels it will offer Devin redemption, which doesn’t appear sensible. He truth thinks that fans are going to take a look at Haney in the exact same light as they did before his loss to Ryan Garcia last April, which’s not most likely to occur.

Casual boxing fans don’t follow the sport carefully sufficient to take notice of the May 22nd B-sample reading, and hardcore boxing fans have actually currently formed their viewpoint. They jointly view Haney as a glass-jawed fighter without any power, who got exposed by Ryan Garcia.

Ryan did a number on Haney, winning a 12-round choice on April 20th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. It’s the kind of loss where it’s tough to come back from.

Even if Ryan’s B-sample ends up being unclean on May 22nd, it’s not going to alter the truth of what fans saw last April. Haney’s appeal, such as it was, is gone! Devin wasn’t popular even before Ryan destroyed him, and now that he has, the B-sample reading isn’t going to alter any of that.

Bill and promoter Eddie Hearn wish to eliminate the loss from Devin’s record, altering it to a no-contest. It’s rather possible that will be the result if Ryan’s B-sample ends up being favorable for the prohibited PED drug Ostarine.


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