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All the stars were out on Saturday night in Las Vegas. Sin City played host to its newest enormous fight in between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia inside the T-Mobile Arena as the 2 young, unbeaten fighters bucked the normal pattern in the sport of preventing these matches for as long as possible.

Davis scored a ruthless seventh-round knockout of Garcia with a ruthless counter left hand to the body that required Garcia to take a knee and not beat the referee’s count. It’s a squashing loss for a formerly unbeaten fighter who was radiating self-confidence all week that he would do the job. 

Garcia was dejected in the instant after-effects, however a minimum of a single person concerned his assistance in the locker space: Conor McGregor. The previous two-division champ made it back to the locker space to supply Garcia with some words of knowledge after the los.

“He’s 1-0 on you. You are the 2 greatest names in the department. I wish to see it once again. I wish to see it once again now, and I wish to see it without any rehydration stipulation,” McGregor informed Garcia after his loss. “Seriously. Mate, all the regard worldwide to you. You’re the future. You’re the future of this video game. I’m seeing you all the method. Wish you all the very best.”

McGregor kept in mind an essential sticking point for the fight. Davis worked out in a crucial rehydration stipulation to make the fight occur where neither fighter might weigh more than 145 pounds on Saturday early morning following the weigh-ins on Friday. It was a crucial strategy as Garcia is currently huge for the department and prepared to go up to 140 pounds where his size can be a benefit. 

For now, Garcia will need to go back to the drawing board and get the pieces.

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