UFC heavyweight champ Jon Jones just recently had a humbling experience on the mats against jiu-jitsu specialist Gordon Ryan. Despite being extensively considered the best blended martial artist of perpetuity, Jones confessed that Ryan served him a “big hot piece of modest pie.” Ryan is thought about among the most accomplished submission grapplers worldwide, having actually won significant competitors such as the ADCC World Tournament and IBJJF World No-Gi Championship.

Jones is presently getting ready for his very first heavyweight title defense against previous champ Stipe Miocic at UFC 295. Ryan is assisting Jones hone his ground video game ahead of the fight. Jones was at first preferred at -250 against Miocic, however the odds have actually because moved even more in favor of the heavyweight champ, with Jones now a -350 favorite.

If somebody were to bet $1,000 on Jones, they might possibly make a payment of $1,285.71. On the other hand, a bet on Miocic might lead to a greater payment of $4,100 if he wins. Miocic is extensively considered the best heavyweight champ in UFC history.

Overall, Jones’s humbling experience against Ryan has actually not impacted his status as the preferred in his upcoming title defense against Miocic. Fans will need to wait and see if Jones can preserve his supremacy in the heavyweight department.

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