Ranked heavyweight Sergehi Spivac made a powerful statement in his debut main event, stunning Derrick Lewis in the first round at UFC Vegas 68. Speaking with Michael Bisping, Spivac fearlessly called out Jon Jones and other heavyweight contenders, aiming for gold.

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  1. Was rooting for Lewis but man he was like a distraught wildebeest out there bucking for dear life, only to succumb to the inevitable.
    Should've had David Attenborough as commentary for this one.

  2. Happy for Spivac, gutted for Lewis. Spivac's still very young, but very skilled already and he'll make the heavyweight division interesting.

    Lewis on the other hand is as good as done! I give him two more fights and he can retire. At his age, current shape and limited skillset (you can argue with me on that one, but at the end he's just a power hitter) he will drop down in the rankings very quickly…

  3. Ну ты Льюис удивил, хер пойми какому-то никчёмному русскому или вообще кто он скинхед? проиграл, было бы кому🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  4. Stop asking every single person who they want next. If it happens organically that’s great but it’s about 50/50 on awkward exchanges like this one.


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