Eddie Alvarez and Chad Mendes discuss Conor McGregor’s presence at their BKFC fight earlier today, reflecting on their past encounters with the opponent.

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  1. oh man this is how you know UFC is so rigged. but eddie made a huge bag off throwing this fight they said dont wrestle connor and will throw u a extra few millions obviouslt eddie is going to take it. cause hes a spineless money grub. he already had a ufc belt and waas going to leave the promotion anyway. so he did them a favor and made them have there first double champ

  2. The problem I see with this being bigger then ufc is I don’t think the fighters can sustain the brutality of bare knuckle…..look at these guys faces. Look at chad Mendez he’s already just said he’s done because of the physical torture. I love watching this stuff, but it won’t last too long and if it does last, fighters will have a few fights then stop.

  3. So much respect for these fight-game legends. The way they delivered the fight of the night, then sitting together for the post fight press conference, with no bad blood, just pure professionalism and mutual respect. Great going both of them. Would love to see more fighters act like this. Well, in general. Must admit that certain bad blood fights, where there is real dislike for each other, does help to raise the anticipation for a fight. 😄


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