Jon Jones, former light heavyweight champion, will make his heavyweight debut against Ciryl Gane at UFC 285 on March 4, 2023. Jones has gained significant muscle to move up in weight, but a recent video of him hitting focus pads has raised concerns about his speed and agility. Gane, known for his quick footwork, presents a unique challenge for Jones.

Jones’ added muscle seems to have affected his speed, making him look sluggish and heavy on his feet in the video. This could be a concern, especially against a fighter like Gane, who is known for his agility.

Gane’s speed and footwork could be a significant advantage against a slower and heavier Jones, allowing him to evade Jones’ strikes and counter with his own.

While Jones is a seasoned fighter and the added muscle could work in his favor, the outcome of the fight is too close to call. Fans can expect an exciting and thrilling fight between two highly skilled fighters.  Jon Jones’ Heavyweight Debut: Will Extra Muscle Be a Hindrance Against Ciryl Gane’s Speed?


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