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  1. I think it's hilarious people are all for Leon being a big wimp to fight Colby 😂 makes sense these wannabe's would choose a coward for a hero.. exactly how they live their lives.. and why all girls ignore them 😂

  2. it's funny how it was as close as colby vs usman 2 in which i thought Colby won three rounds…
    but im so glad someone shut the fuck up Usman. No more cringe from that piece of shit anymore.

  3. I thought it was a close fight, I didn't have a problem with Leon winning but the scores were wild especially with Leon losing a point. The scores should have been a lot closer!

  4. One thing I love about Leon is the fact he hasn’t been a talented fighter since the beginning he’s improved every fight and deserves his spot as champ, on another note bulls fookin eye with the ball kicks my goodness he’s out playing fútbol 😂

  5. Leon won that fight clearly, and I couldn't care less who wins out of Burns and Jorge even tho I'm sure Gilbert will strangle him within 2 rnds.
    Chandler got played, hope he got a good pay day for TUF , cus I don't think he's getting Conor anytime soon.

  6. There’s no way Usman should get another crack at Edwards at any point in the future. He’s been beaten twice, Leon’s got nothing more to prove. I hope he puts that big head Covington on his lame arse.


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