Image: Canelo's Pride Trumps Fan Demand, Says Robert Garcia

Trainer Robert Garcia offers his ideas on Canelo Alvarez’s factors for picking not to fight David Benavidez and rather dealing with Jaime Munguia on May fourth.

The ensured handbag that the super star Canelo (60-2-2, 39 KOs) would get to fight Benavidez would just be $20 million more than what he’d getting to safeguard his undeniable very middleweight champion against Munguia (43-0, 34 KOs).

For Canelo, who has actually made numerous millions throughout his profession, an additional $20 million for a fight against Benavidez isn’t worth it. That’s a little quantity of cash compared to the huge net worth.

Robert likewise mentions that Benavidez has actually done a great deal of bad-mouthing of Canelo, and he doesn’t wish to reward him by providing him a fight after all the important things he’s stated about him.

That type of makes good sense since it would empower Benavidez, and most likely result in him continuing to do the exact same thing if he were to lose to promote a 2nd and 3rd fight. It never stop since Benavidez isn’t going to make comparable cash combating anyone else, so he’ll continue to press Canelo to keep combating him.

$20 Million Difference Not Enough?

“I don’t wish to state ducking since Canelo is not scared of him. Canelo is more about pride and ‘F*** everyone. I’m not going to provide you guys the fight you desire,’” stated fitness instructor Robert Garcia to the 210BoxingTelevision YouTube channel, discussing Canelo Alvarez overlooking the fans by picking not to fight David Benavidez.

“For Canelo, a $20 million distinction isn’t going to alter his life. He’s currently worth hundreds and numerous millions,” stated Robert about Canelo getting just $20M additional from what he’s getting for the Munguia fight to deal with Benavidez. It’s insufficient of a distinction in spend for Canelo to see it as rewarding.”

If Canelo were to fight Benavidez for an additional $80 to $100 million over what he’s getting for the Munguia clash, it would make good sense for him to take that match. That’s not how it is, however, so it’s not worth it for Canelo to fight him since the benefit isn’t there.

“For Canelo, it’s like a young kid. A promoter is providing him a $10,000 fight to a $20,000 fight for a really hard fight. I’d rather take the $10,000 and not risking my fighter against a harder guy,” stated Robert.

“For Canelo, $20 million is most likely the exact same thing. So, he’s simply doing it to go against the world and go against Benavidez for whatever he’s been stating.”

PBC won’t have the ability to create the dough for Canelo to attract him to fight Benavidez, which implies the only method the match will take place is if the Saudis have an interest in seeing it. Will they? Probably not, since His Excellency appears more thinking about heavyweights.

He’s paying the heavyweights substantial cash however hasn’t revealed the exact same interest in bringing the fighters from the 168-lb weight class to Saudi Arabia.

Munguia Fight: A Sign of Things to Come?

“But now that Canelo is choosing Munguia after where he stated he would never ever wish to fight a Mexican. This is most likely an excellent start,” stated Garcia.

“He’s combating a Mexican, suggesting his next fight might be against Benavidez. If he stated, ‘I don’t wish to fight Mexicans since I don’t wish to fight any other Mexican,’ I appreciate that. That’s his viewpoint. That’s what he believes and what’s to keep it,” stated Garcia.

Robert is making a huge leap by believing that Canelo’s fight against Munguia implies he will possibly deal with Benavidez next. That’s not going to hold true unless PBC develops the cash to make it rewarding for Canelo, and it doesn’t appear that they have the monetary methods to do that without Amazon Prime breaking in.

“But now he broke that. Now, he’s combating a Mexican, suggesting there’s no other reason. He requires to fight Benavidez, too. So, now I believe we will see it. Now that he selected to fight Munguia, I believe we most likely will see it,” stated Garcia.

Gvozdyk as a Test Run

“If you take a look at the method things are looking. Canelo’s group, Eddy Reynoso, handles and promotes Oleksandr Gvozdyk,” stated Robert. “He’s Canelo’s primary sparring partner for 2 or 3 years in a row, and Oleksandr Gvozdyk is the one fighting David Benavidez.”

Robert has an intriguing theory about the intentions behind Team Canelo’s usage of Gvozdyk as a challenger for Benavidez. They would be getting essential intelligence on Benavidez’s design and his total skill. If Benavidez has a hard time against Gvozdyk, a fighter that Canelo has actually utilized as his sparring partner, that would be an indication that he’s beatable.

Benavidez wishes to fight the winner of the Benavidez vs. Dmitry Bivol fight for the undeniable champion since there’s a possibility it would be staged in Saudi Arabia, and he would make a great deal of cash.

Gvozdyk isn’t being utilized as a test case by Team Canelo. That’s not what this is. He’s ranked #2 with the WBC, so he’s the guy Benavidez can fight to end up being the compulsory for champ Artur Beterbiev.

The World Boxing Council is leading the way for Benavidez to fight Gvozdyk to end up being Beterbiev’s compulsory. This isn’t a tactical relocation by Canelo’s group.

It’s a fight that Gvozdyk will get a good payday, and it’s a winnable one since Benavidez is a guy that has actually stood out due to his size benefit and weak opposition at 168. Now that he’s combating somebody his size, basically for the very first time, who has real skill and power, he might lose.

“So, that likewise informs me they’re [Team Canelo] sending out in their own fighter to fight Benavidez to evaluate and to see, and I’m quite sure they’re going to exist. They might even be working the corner,” stated Garcia.

“They’re visiting how strong and huge, how unsafe, and how effective David Benavidez is utilizing Oleksandr Gvozdyk to decide if they take the fight or they don’t take the fight.

“We hear Benavidez is combating Oleksandr Gvozdyk, Canelo’s sparring partner for the last 3, and Eddy Reynoso handles the kid and promotes the kid. It type of puts things together where seeing that, it type of makes me feel we may see that fight,” stated Robert about the Canelo vs. Benavidez clash.

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