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  1. WOW….Ok…….This is EXTREMELY IRONIC, (downright trippy even) but go back and watch "BEHIND THE CURTAIN – EPISODE 4 ( UFC 291 Justin Gaethe VS. Dustin Poirier.) and at (minute 1:58) in the video subtitled: "the day of the fight," Justin is just starting his last workout (before the fight) and they're showing random segments/snip-its of his workout. Not the entire workout, mind you, just bits and pieces of it. Maybe 20 to 30 seconds worth? Anyway, what starts this time travel event is the fact that they "just so happen" to catch Justin throwing a "right-leg head kick" (just like the one he knocked out Dustin with,) right? No big deal, Justin probably threw a lot of right-leg head kicks during practice and warm-up, (even though he said he didn't??) Regardless, what makes this one kick special and down-right trippy, is in the timing in which he throws it, and "they" record it. First off, he only throws one in this video 😮😮and he throws it at the exact same time in which Trevor Whitman says; he's "imaging the scenarios that might play out in the fight!!!!!"..😮😮. What?????? Are you kidding me? Either Trevor Whitman is a genius and a Jedi master (which is probably the case) Or, go ahead and que the music from twilight zone, you know the tune….Do, do, Do, do, Do, do, Do, do…..LOL, OK maybe you don't know this tune. So, go back and look it up, (or not) lyrics too, trippy stuff for sure. Nonetheless, welcome to the next dimension, you've now taken a mind-trip through "the twilight zone"……

  2. Trevor Wittman is a smart guy, probably knew poirier would only be expecting leg kicks and counterpunches. Trained Gaethje to knock out dustin with the same head kick that defeated his teammate usman

  3. Yes !! And Islam will get his ass handed to him when he gets in the octagon with Justin. Bet that!!! Islam has never faced a guy like Justin. He won't last 3 rounds of the punishment Justin will deliver.

  4. Conor did not lose to Dustin. Dustin did not lose to Conor. Dustin did not lose to Gaethje. It’s just that once you’ve won at life, and your fridge is full of steak, your not that hungry anymore. Now it’s Justins turn.


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