Here are my immediate thoughts and outcomes from the UFC 288 event featuring the headline match between Aljamain Sterling and Henry Cejudo.

0:00 – Summary

1:40 – Aljamain Sterling vs Henry Cejudo

4:41 – Belal Muhammad vs Gilbert Burns

7:28 – Jessica Andrade vs Yan Xiaonan

9:21 – Movsar Evloev vs Diego Lopes

10:26 – Kron Gracie vs Charles Jourdain

10:43 – Drew Dober vs Matt Frevola

11:48 – Kennedy Nzechukwu vs Devin Clark

13:55 – Khaos Williams vs Rolando Bedoya

17:08 – Braxton Smith vs Parker Porter

17:24 – Phil Hawes vs Ikram Aliskerov

18:47 – Joseph Holmes vs Claudio Ribeiro
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  1. Yeah Weasle a worn out Dan Hooker who has suffered so much damage and has been finished oftenly,is the perfect matchup for Matt Frevola who is on a 3 fight win streak,all knockouts,all in the first round,total W from the Weasle himself

  2. You need to analyze another fight from the prelims

    Kalin Williams vs bedoya

    I think bedoya schooled Williams that whole fight but Williams was given the win. It was a huge robbery

    Please analyze that fight.

  3. It you can’t fight exciting against and finish a one armed guy you can’t complain if people don’t dig you. Could the UFC even sustain itself with a bunch of Belals? Burns understands that how you fight and win matters and Belal keeps sticking to his “A win is a win” when in fact history 100% showed us that not all wins are created equal and how you win and fight matters a lot.

  4. If you have Henry its 2,3,5. If you have Aljo its 1,3,4… This is why the 10 point must system sucks for MMA. This fight is literally decided by the third round and nothing else that happened matters. That and rounds which are scored 9-10 are not equal to each other.

  5. Fan of Cejudo. Respect what he did in there. After watchiing the fight myself and listening to the weasels breakdown happy for Aljo that hes still wearing the strap. Dont think a rematch should be granted unless cejudo wins 3 at aljos weightclass. Dont even know if its being talked about. Dunnno what Henrys thinking, my inclination is he wont beat the best 3 guys at this weightclass if Aljo even has the strap by then. I think he should go down or remember hes retired. Not a fan of Sean but respect the shit out of his last couple of wins. If he goes in there with Aljo I hope Aljo beats him up mainly because its disgraceful he got let into Aljos cage after a win to disrespect the champ like that.
    EDIT Aljo should lean into the villain. Deploy every dirty trick in the book that his corner approve of to see if he can get the most rubies in his belt. The crowd Dont love you ? Screw em. Dana Lets Sean come into your cage and get in your face, screw him to. Get those rubies Aljo anyway anyhow. And please beat up Sean if it happens.

  6. How did lopes not win the fight? He clearly had the biggest moments in the first and third round, what happened in the third round that would lose him the round???

  7. Good post fight analysis. I only disagree when u said Steling had not yet fought someone as good striker as Sean but he has in the shape of Petr Yan

  8. L Joe is sleeping on O’Malley O’Malley’s gonna catch him bad in the first round and put him away probably in under a minute and O’Malley the entire camp well actually now he has two decisions to make or one decision between two options. He can either work on striking the entire camp and just trying to light them up on the feet bad or Work on wrestling the entire camp in striking not so much because a strike is already there, so just keep his striking skills sharp now, but mainly focus on wrestling in defense of wrestling only zero offense of wrestling because O’Malley doesn’t need any takedown but I believe O’Malley will probably get taken down at some point with a minute or two left and around and he will get up I actually believe O’Malley will get up the first three times he is taken down. He will not get that packed bag packed not that packed backpack and he will beat the dog piss out of Aljamain Sterling NKO that hard r cold.

  9. I don’t think Henry looked good at all tbh I understand it though, 3 years out would do that to anyone I’m not crapping on him but he genuinely looked flat to me, like he didn’t put that heat into his strikes and seemed unaware when strikes are flying at him.

  10. The Muhammad vs Gilbert fight was disappointing for me.. Not to say that Muhammad didn’t do a good job, he fought and did t what he needed to do but Gilbert seemed like a moving punching bag having the injury.. it sucked to see him like that but it is what it is. Hopefully we see them both healthy in the future running it back.

  11. Every time African wins the fight the media down, plays it soon as a white guy wins they talk him up like he’s the greatest in the world. Do you ever notice that?

  12. 16:26 the most fucking trash fight on the whole card. Hope she gets KO’d soon for that wack ass performance, getting gifted a win for being a fucking wet blanket.

    Hell, while Kron was trash, at least he got beat up, so that gave it more entertainment value than that girl fight.

    Props to Yan Xiaonan. Definitely didn’t see that coming lol. Hope she gets a title shot soon


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