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Get ready for BKFC 37, happening in London on Sat. March 4th, 2023! Witness the clash between bare knuckle superstar Connor Tierney (7-1) and the undefeated Jake Lindsey (3-0) in the thrilling main-event, live from the UK!

Here’s a sneak peek of the BKFC 37 London card:
– Catch Connor Tierney vs. Jake Lindsey
– Enjoy Rico Franco vs. Dan Breeze
– Witness Terry Brazier vs. David Round
– Get thrilled by Mason Shaw vs. Lee Browne
– See Darren Hendry vs. Corey Harrison
– Witness Charles Wasserman vs. Cédric Séverac
– Don’t miss Jack Draper vs. Bryon Woodger
– Get ready for Gary Fox vs. Nathan Hind
– See Ben Bonner vs. Jay Cucciniello
– Ryan Carmichael vs. Will Cairns face off
– Enjoy the match between Franco Tenaglia vs. Jamie Hendry
– Witness Jimmy Millar vs. Kyle Cassidy
– Get thrilled by George Thorpe vs. Brad Watchorn

The event will take place at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, located at Ledrington Rd, London SE19 2BB.

To secure your spot at BKFC 37, make sure to grab your tickets. And for those who can’t make it in person, don’t worry! The Pay-Per-View option is available as well.
Please note that the fight card is subject to change, so stay tuned for any updates.
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  1. Der Kampf hätte schon viel eher abgebrochen werden müssen, daran sieht man das es hier nur noch um die Kohle geht. Denn die Gesundheit der Kämpfer, ist den Vereinen scheiss egal. Mit Kampfsport hat diese gegenseitige Körperverletzung bis zum geht nicht mehr, nichts zu tun.

  2. Can't keep watching after the first fight (Tierny vs Riggs), too much of a frame rate issue with the video, I have issues with certain types of videos where I literally get nauseous.

    I have a serious question about this bare knuckle fighting overall. I've been watching fights since heavy weight boxing title fights were on regular television, I've watched the UFC since its inception in the early 90s, and I've watched Thai fights, K1 fights and whatever else type of fights were being shown. My question is this:

    Does anyone else feel this bare knuckle style is much more damaging to the fighters? I've been watching several bare knuckle cards this past week, and it just seems like there is no way a fighter can make a career out of bare knuckle fighting. Look at the first fight on this card…very first right hand landed by Tierny, Riggs was busted open under his left eye. Then it got worse from there, with both fighters getting covered in blood over the next four rounds.

    I've seen bloody fights, and MMA fights can get brutal, but with this bare knuckle style, it seems almost every fight ends up this way. It's just my opinion, and I was curious if anyone else is seeing what I am.


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