Image: Gervonta Davis by a mile. Tank rolls Inoue. At 135, utter destruction

Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis damages Naoya Inoue if the 2 fight at 135 states fitness instructor Andre Rozier. He feels the super star ‘Monster’ Inoue (27-0, 24 KOs) is too little, and would get steamrolled by Tank Davis at 135 or 130,

We saw earlier today how susceptible Inoue is with him getting dropped hard on the canvas by Luis Nery in the preliminary of their headliner at the Tokyo Dome. That was against Nery, a fighter who had actually been knocked out by Brandon Figueroa 3 years back.

Rozier confesses that Inoue, 31, and Tank Davis might make an “outrageous” quantity of cash if the 2 battled. It simply wouldn’t end well for the Japanese star with him getting knocked out.

Given that Inoue won’t even go up to 126, where there are much larger defend him than at 122, it recommends that he’s concerned about what might occur to him if he blended it with more gifted opposition than the lower fighters that penetrate the incredibly bantamweight department.

“He doesn’t have a prayer on the planet”

“Gervonta Davis by a mile. Tank rolls Inoue. At 135, utter damage,” stated fitness instructor Andre Rozier to Fighthype on who would win in between Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis and Naoya Inoue. “If Inoue ever discovers himself because spectrum of 135 pounds, Tank is going to knock him out.’

If Inoue were a more brave old-school fighter, he’d want to go up in weight to handle Tank Davis at 130 or 135, however he hasn’t revealed any indications of wishing to leave the wading pool where he contends.

It’s safe there for Inoue, and he doesn’t need to stress over gifted opposition with the type of appear their punches that Tank Davis or other fighters have.

“He doesn’t have a prayer on the planet,” Rozier continued about Inoue. “If he gets in the shooting line, and he’s going to need to due to the fact that he’s not a huge guy. If he gets in the shooting line, Tank is going to smoke him. That’s what’s going to occur.”

It wasn’t simply Nery that offered Inoue issues. 40-year-old Nonito Donaire injured him terribly and broke his confront with a few of his huge shots in their very first fight. You can just picture what a prime variation of Donaire would have done to Inoue.

“I’m handling the physicality, the abilities of these males. Tank will smoke Inoue if they fight at 135, and potentially 130, however I don’t like 130 for Tank. I like 135. Stay in your lane. Why decrease when you understand you’re at 135?” stated Rozier.

If one might transplant a various head onto Inoue’s body, somebody going to take dangers, it would be interesting to see him and Tank Davis fight it out at light-weight. The stakes would be big the face of boxing on the line.

Insane Money on the Line

“It’s outrageous,” stated Rozier about the cash Tank Davis and Inoue might make combating each other. “I still don’t like him [Tank] going to 130. I’m not stating I would prefer him [Inoue] there. I simply don’t like the logistics of it.”

Inoue is currently earning money hand over fist in Japan, so I think he doesn’t feel the requirement to put himself at danger of losing battles against elite-level fighters for the sake of making more loot. He’s currently set for life, however still, you’d like to see him take possibilities for the sake of his tradition.

“I don’t like those weight cuts where you go where you haven’t remained in a while. Don’t return to that [scene of] that criminal activity. If I won titles at 126, 130, and 135, why am I reversing? Let’s go forwards,” stated Rozier.


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