The outcomes of the Edwards vs Usman fight are in! This channel has exclusive coverage of the event, with original filming, narration, editing, and production. The music used in this video is sourced from the YouTube Audio Library.
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  1. Where are all the Gaethje haters at now? Still crying "they're holding up the division", or "fiziev is going to run through him"???
    These boys stay at the top of the division for a reason.

  2. Leon Edwards vs Colby Covington would be a helluva fight!!
    Been saying it it's not a curse just a fact! Most unbeatable guys who go on insane unbeaten streaks the moment they lose to that 1 that has their number 90% of the time the rematch is no different!! Anderson silva vs Chris Weidman, Cody Grabrant vs TJ, Joanna vs Rose, Usman vs Colby, Jones vs DC, etc etc.. also seen a few triple fights where the loser of the first bout won the next two convincingly like-
    Dustin vs Conor
    Cain vs JDS
    Iceman vs Couture

    I don't know if they are defeated already mentally knowing that one opponent is the one to have their number or if it's an intimidation thing? In fact these unbeaten fighters who go on these 10+ few years winning streak sadly the moment they lose finally they just keep loosing which is crazy especially knowing they went years without a loss then they take the L and all of a sudden they are on a Losing streak so mentally a defeat does so much to onc who was once thought of an unbeatable fighter like-
    Anderson silva
    Fedor Emiliananko
    Ken Shamrock
    Cain Valasquez
    Conor McGregor
    Rhonda Rousey

    Let's not forget the huge hype trains like-
    Sage Northcunt
    Rhonda Rousey
    Fedor etc…

    Past fighters so good and ran thrue everyone in their division they left and retired due to thinking ahead and say no more challengers and started a huge successful career in Stand Up totally not from kissing a few guys butt's and possibly JR biggest mistake by saying how funny he is-
    Brandon Shaub

    Last fighter is the only fighter that has never lost except to one possibly his better or equal-
    Jon Jones (True GOAT)

    final much like the Unbelievable & Undefeated especially being a small heavyweight to end a career undefeated Rocky Marciano's Blood runs deep in Khabib Body yet sum feel he went out the way of Lay and Hump like the more accurate way of Floyd Money Mayweather

  3. It’s ironic that the one time a fighter uses a fence grab against Usman and gets a point deducted that he still loses the decision. So many times Usman has done the same and faked below the belt kicks (which in this fight was legit) without repercussions.

  4. Gaethje's corner called for him to utilize the jab and he kept connecting with that uppercut too in round 3. Also, it was crazy to see how fast Fiziev was compared to Gaethje in round 1 & 2 but in that 3 round he was significantly slower

  5. Usman lost his confidence while Edwards gain more confidence after his k.o win making him much more confident landing many strikes without worrying about Usman wrestling, damn this is the first time I see Usman struggling on how he deal with someone compared to his last with Edwards he wasn't having any problem landing shot and taking him down with ease and damn gaethje can beat anyone as long he fight smart instead of just eating punch

  6. Happy about the fence grab and dick kick by Leon, Usman has spent so much of his career faking eyepokes and groin strikes and grabbing the fence himself, this felt like karma.


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