WNO 20, Manaus Boys Mica And Diogo Dominate GP And Liz Clay Conquers Featherweight Title

Yesterday’s edition of Who’s Number One (WNO) was an awesome occasion that included 2 title crowning mini-tournaments and 2 female title matches. The initial card saw remarkable triumphes by Thaynara Victoria, Steffen Banta, and Rafael Lovato Jr.

The 70-kilo competition showcased remarkable efficiencies by Diogo Reis and Gabriel Sousa. The matches were filled with takedowns, guard passes, back takes, and submission efforts. In the last, Diogo Reis became the champ after a close clash with Gabriel Sousa.

In the 77-kilo competition, Andrew Tackett’s injury avoided a prospective interesting last against Mica Galvao. Mica Galvao controlled Jay Rodriguez in the semi-finals and protected a fast success against PJ Barch, who changed the hurt Tackett, in the last.

The female featherweight title match in between Elisabeth Clay and Brianna Ste-Marie showed their abilities, however their equally matched efficiency led to a choice in favor of Clay.

Nathiely de Jesus showcased an exceptional efficiency in the female heavyweight title match against Rafaela Guedes, making a well-deserved choice success.

In the male heavyweight title match, Ryan Gordon dealt with Patrick Gaudio. Despite Gaudio’s current losses, Ryan’s perfect efficiency showed his supremacy. He protected success by taking Gaudio down, passing his guard, and sending him with an armbar.

In a Halloween-themed surprise, Ryan exposed a Pirate Trunk including his match forecast and a training DVD entitled “Systematically Attacking The Armbar” from BJJ Fanatics.

Overall, the occasion was amusing, with interesting matches and deserving champs crowned.

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