Get a ringside view of the chaotic heavyweight battle between ‘Reug Reug’ and ‘Buchecha’

At ONE Fight Night 13, Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida took on against Oumar ‘Reug Reug’ Kane in an extremely expected heavyweight MMA bout. Almeida, a 17-time BJJ world champ, was anticipated to control the reasonably unskilled Kane. However, what followed was a thrilling back-and-forth brawl, with Kane directly winning the fight.

The fight began with Almeida, understood for his grappling abilities, getting hit easily by Kane and noticeably rattled. Almeida, unused to dealing with misfortune in MMA, resisted with heart and impulse, attempting to get control of Kane on the ground. Surprisingly, Kane revealed excellent ground abilities and handled to ward off Almeida’s grappling. Almeida hardly made it through the preliminary.

With his grappling reduced the effects of, Almeida showed incredible nerve by standing and trading blows with Kane, who is understood for his knockout power. Throughout the 3 rounds, both fighters had shining minutes. Kane landed the more difficult shots on the feet, while Almeida used his takedowns and managed the fight on the ground. Ultimately, Kane was granted the consentaneous choice triumph based upon the collected damage he caused on Almeida.

This loss marks Almeida’s very first defeat in his professional MMA profession. However, it likewise provides a chance for him to find out and surpass the weak points in his video game. Meanwhile, Kane is moving closer to a world title shot with this excellent win.

The replay of ONE Fight Night 13 is offered totally free to Prime Video customers in North America.

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