UFC partners with Prohibet to monitor prohibited betting activity

The UFC has actually signed up with forces with online tracking business Prohibet to avoid fighters and their camps from participating in unlawful betting on battles. As part of the collaboration, the UFC will share a list of people restricted from betting on UFC battles with Prohibet’s encrypted platform. If Prohibet discovers any restricted users associated with betting, an alert will be sent out to the UFC and online bookies. This partnership follows the UFC’s previous collaboration with U.S. Integrity, a betting guard dog, which performed an examination into suspicious betting activity surrounding a UFC fight in November 2020. The UFC reacted to the examination by executing a restriction on fighters and their groups betting on battles and notifying fighters dealing with a coach associated with the examination that they would be launched from the promo if they continued training with him. The list of restricted wagerers is identified by the UFC and tracking depends on the state laws where they live. Prohibet’s handling director, Matt Heap, acknowledged the possibility of fighters utilizing proxies to make unlawful wagers however stated that geolocation information might be made use of to find suspicious activity. It stays uncertain whether UFC fighters are prohibited from betting on sports besides MMA. Prohibet is a cooperation in between U.S. Integrity and Odds On Compliance, a compliance innovation and assessment company in the sports betting and video gaming market.

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