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  1. One thing I don't understand all the rounds were close except the 5th round which was dominated by volk he out strike Islam and demonstrated great takedown defense in that round Islam was not able to take him down + volk got the kd as well…can someone tell me how tf this is not a 10-8 round for volk?

  2. I feel just like Lil Wayne.I been watching since ufc1 and the BS hasn't gotten out of hand.This is why people think the Muslim oil sheiks have influenced decisions and pushed false narratives.Ever since Fight Island where they allowed cheating for Muslim fighters. It's been proven that the oil sheiks have stakes in many sports to distract from their human atrocities.I don't know why they don't teach critical thinking more or even a little common sense would go a long way.I was brought up to think outside the box and follow the money to find out who is going to benefit.It also tells you who is really in charge.

  3. Nick Diaz is an Old Stoner Street Fighter. I wouldn’t watch him fight if you paid me. Why is he even speaking on Elites like Islam??? He wouldn’t have lasted 30 seconds with Volk.

  4. Nothing contreversial about it: 49-46 Mackhachev, just look at the scorecards. To be honest the UFC has become as disgusting and corrupt as boxing. It's all about sales now. It does not matter what you do, but what you say.

  5. Whoever the broadcaster is that says the most important human need is to be appreciated needs to travel to a poor country and see if the people want appreciation or food.

  6. this is ufc arrogance, very unprofessional .. it is very clear that Islam has totally won .. As a large organization the UFC should prioritize sportsmanship values ​​and not personal sentiments and not look at trash issues like the ones rumored by the loser Hooker


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