During the UFC 289 Post Show, Anthony Smith and Laura Sanko share their thoughts on Amanda Nunes’ retirement following her victory over Irene Aldana as two-division champion.
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  1. I actually think that's good for women's mma. It's nothing against Amanda at all. I just think it'll add more excitement to it having a new champ and mix it up a bit

  2. I know the ufc regrets making that fight the main event…what a awful main event championship fight …nunes wanted to fight and Irene didn't…but im shocked that nunes doesn't want to fight pena again and settle it once and for all…nunes vs pena 3 is a definite need…pena made nunes tap and 2nd fight nunes won by decision…you would think nunes would want the trilogy fight to actual say I'm better than you because,as it stands there both even…well actually I give pena slight edge cuz she stopped nunes and nunes couldn't stop her

  3. People saying she ran from pena are very one track minded lmao this women is the goat for the women’s ufc and accpect don’t say she ran from Peña when Peña lost in the rematch In every aspect of the mma game lmao

  4. Its so annoying when people make this pathetic "greatest despite of gender" nonwense. The fact that has to be said shows what BS it is. Nobody said Jon Jones was the "greatest despite of gender" because it speaks for itself!

  5. Amanda is so painfully beautiful inside and out. The greatest mixed marshall artist of all time regardless of gender. I would absolutely be a generous lover so hard. Greetings from India!


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