Plenty Of Action In IBJJF Sao Paulo Pro Open 2023

The IBJJF Sao Paulo Pro Open 2023 occurred on July 8th, 2023, and showcased some extreme action in all the leading departments. The light-weight department, in specific, was loaded with skill, with Lucas Maquine and Cleber Sousa opting for bronze medals. After grueling matches on both sides of the bracket, Matheus Onda emerged triumphant with a gold medal.

The heavyweight department likewise had an outstanding lineup, with Gabriel Oliveira and Vinicius Liberati taking house bronze medals. The last match boiled down to Vinicius Lessa and Alex Munis, with Lessa eventually winning the gold. In the middleweight department, Luiz Paulo took the leading area on the podium. Brenda Larissa, representing Melqui Galvao Jiu-Jitsu, likewise won gold in the ladies’s light-featherweight department.

The competitors included a number of impressive female BJJ rivals. Sabatha Lais declared one of the most distinguished title, protecting a default gold in the medium-heavyweight department and a hard-earned gold medal in the outright department. Amanda Magda showcased outstanding efficiencies and won the heavyweight department, while Julia Alves attained the very same lead to the light-weight department. Jaine Fragoso likewise completed in the light-weight department however went for bronze medals in both that and the outright department.

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