Image: Eddy Reynoso picks David Benavidez over Caleb Plant

According to boxing fitness instructor Eddy Reynoso, David Benavidez is most likely to emerge triumphant in his upcoming fight against Caleb Plant. Reynoso mentions Benavidez’s speed, power, and consistency as crucial benefits in the approaching fight, and anticipates that Plant will have a hard time to stay up to date with Benavidez’s size and aggressiveness. Reynoso likewise keeps in mind that Plant has actually battled with endurance in the past, and might have trouble against Benavidez’s extreme pressure. Reynoso will be hunting the fight for weak points to make use of in a possible tactical plan for Canelo Alvarez against the winner. Despite Plant’s desire to fight Canelo next, Reynoso recommends that Benavidez is the more powerful fighter and is most likely to emerge triumphant. Reynoso likewise applauds the young Benavidez’s prospective and commitment to training.


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