Couch, Dorsey, Olivarez & More

At the 2023 ADCC East Coast Trials in Atlantic City, 5 professional athletes protected their areas in the upcoming ADCC World Championships in 2024. Jacob Couch won the 88kg department by sending all 7 of his challengers, consisting of ADCC veterans Jay Rodriguez and Elder Cruz. Elijah Dorsey won the 77kg department, beating No.1 seeded Nicky Ryan in the last. Big Dan Manasoiu took gold in the 99+kg department, and Paul Ardila made his 4th title at an ADCC Trials occasion to return to the 99kg department. Dorian Olivarez, at 17 years of ages, ended up being the youngest professional athlete welcomed to ADCC 2024 by winning the trials in the 66kg department. Additionally, 3 ladies, Alex Enriquez, Morgan Black, and Amanda Leve, won gold however will contend at the ADCC West Coast Trials in March 2024 for a possibility to receive the World Championships.

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