Jared Cannonier vs Marvin Vettori showcased Cannonier’s exceptional improvement in every aspect of the fight. The performance was incredibly dominating. But the question remains, how did Cannonier manage to defeat Vettori?

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  1. A lot of salty people. Most white people are just insecure and that's why they try to create lies to make themselves feel better and I am white by the way but don't feel like that.

  2. Jared is an alien. I’ve always said the way he gets better after every fight is crazy. I think izzy needs to too fight Robert first and then Jared after. Or they can do Robert vs Jared 2 winner gets next title shot. Ide rather see izzy fight both of them though

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  4. A lot of people keep asking why Vettori didn’t grapple more, but I think he just felt outmatched by Cannonier on the ground. When Cannonier was on top, he was dealing big damage, and when Marvin DID take him down, he easily got back up/reversed him.

  5. I initially thought this fight took at least a couple years off of Marvin’s career or life.. But I just rewatched his fight against Costa. Obviously he took (alot) more damage in this one, but after a thorough analysis I’ve determined he is 100% an Orc and is just built different. The head and body kicks Costa was landing on him at 205? 215? whatever weight it was.. effing nuts. Hit him straight behind the ear with his kicks like 10 times, and Marvin just eats and keeps punching back lol. I don’t think he’ll ever be champ but I respect the eff outta that dude. No quit…

  6. Vettori went from wrestler to punching bag in his last few fights. He needs new coaches and some kind of radical change or his career is over.

  7. Vettori needs to take a Page from Cannonier's book + start showing sum Fight-iQ cos blocking Punches with Ur Face not the best idea….

    Also, nice to see Cannonier evolving like why doesn't he take a Page out of Colby's book + push the pace if he has the Cardio cos if he does hve Cardio he also has sumthing Colby dsn't hve & tht's Knock-out Power!!!!

  8. Vittori's corner should be ashamed, standing there in front of Cannonier's right hand is idiotic, you're playing into his strengths. Marvin needed to tie up those big arms, land those short shots from the breaks, and hit the sweeps from clinch. Jared looks great, he still has his legs lazily close together quite often, sweeps and trips are the key to beat him. Vitorri didn't attempt a single trip. idiotic


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