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  1. The cage match was OK overall… however, all the gimmicks were unnecessary as the cage is a weapon in itself… you don't need gimmicks, if you have sny talent at all… Wargames 1987 was a far better match than this… and was more brutal and 'real' most especially with the guys in the ring!

    There was no reason for a CZW style match with fake ass glass and lame gimmicks! The match started well until Moxely jumped in using a screwdriver that drew no blood from anybody… and the fake broken glass was lame… thumbtacks played out over 20 years ago! Bed of nails? Seriously? Jeez!

    The viewers tell the tale…peaking at 980,000 viewers in furst 15 min…, then dropping to 940,000 the longer it went on… AEW lost 40,000 plus viewers during the match… those 40,000 don't wanna see all that crap! The MJF/Cole stuff peaked at 980,000 plus, but dropped off by nearly 30,000 less viewrs at start of the cage match! There's a lesson here, and AEW needs to see it… or continue to lose viewers!


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