Highlights of the intense rematch between Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya at UFC 287, brought to you by reporter Louise Green from MMA Crazy @LouiseGreenMMA.

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  1. Staged. Every time the UFC expands to a new country, a fighter from that country somehow becomes champion. It’s fixed. See this knockout lol Issy missed and hit Alex’s shoulder and head with his arm and the punch lol and Alex was on the ground but had his arms up and twisted his torso and lifted his leg. Terrible flop job he didn’t make it look real. No wonder UFC did a merger with World Wrestling Entertainment lol Fixed

  2. This is why I cant stand women making video showing fight highlights. Show the fight highlights in normal speed and stop pausing to try and explain. WE CAN SEE AND KNOW WHATS HAPPENING!!! WE DONT NEED YOU TO EXPLAIN!!!

  3. Izzy’s fight IQ is off the charts. His pattern recognition is unmatched. His ability to bounce back and come back stronger every fight is a testament to his commitment to the craft, and his overall intelligence. People believed his fights were boring, but all I saw was a grandmaster playing chess against beginners. Now he’s added a KO to his resume against a monster like Pereira. He’s truly one of the goats.

  4. Adesanya held a grudge against a then 5year old kid, who mocked him, 7 years later Adesanya mocked that now 12 year old kid. I think that goes to show the calibre of person Adesanya is. Totally lost respect for him because of that. But none of you are realising that fact.

  5. Im telling you Adesanya is a joke. When he loses “i respect you but dont like you😕”

    When he wins “you are a great champion” hugs

    And you all fall for it. 3-1


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