Image: What Was Your Most Favorite Boxing Movie? The 15 Best Boxing Movies

Written by Ken Hissner: When I was performing my research study on boxing movies, I was surprised to come throughout a post entitled “The Best 100 Boxing Movies.”

Off the top of my head, I might quickly consider a minimum of 6 movies. However, as I dug much deeper into my research study, I was advised of others that I had actually forgotten. I appear to be the only individual associated with boxing who didn’t discover the initial “Rocky” film credible, and I never ever troubled seeing any of its associated movies.

  • At primary on my list is the 1947 movie “Body and Soul,” starring my all-time preferred star, John Garfield. I think Garfield was an amateur fighter in reality.
  • Coming in at second is the 1949 movie “Champion,” which illustrates a fighter’s increase to fame by stepping on others, with Kirk Douglas ahead function.
  • Now, let’s name another thirteen movies, and do not hesitate to include any that I might have neglected. I’ll begin with the ones I saw initially.
  • Rounding out the leading 3 is the 1999 movie “Hurricane,” based upon the life of middleweight fighter Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, played by Denzel Washington.
  • Number 4 is “Cinderella Man,” a biographical drama about heavyweight champ James Braddock, depicted by Russell Crowe in 2005.
  • Next up is “The Harder They Fall” from 1956, which follows the story of an ex-sports author worked with by a dubious promoter to promote a fighter, including a cast consisting of Humphrey Bogart.
  • Number 6 is the seriously well-known 2004 movie “Million Dollar Baby,” starring Clint Eastwood and Hilary Swank.
  • Number 7 is “Ali,” a movie that didn’t especially resonate with me as it was focused around a character Muhammad Ali described as “Jughead,” depicted by Jamie Foxx in 2001.
  • At number 8 is the renowned “Rocky” movie from 1976, with Sylvester Stallone in the leading function.
  • Number 9 is “Raging Bull,” the story of middleweight champ Jake LaMotta, played by Robert De Niro, launched in 1980.
  • Number 10 is “Somebody Up There Likes Me,” a drama about middleweight champ Rocky Graziano, depicted by Paul Newman in 1956.
  • “Gentleman Jim,” launched in 1942, can be found in at number eleven. It informs the story of heavyweight champ Jim Corbett, with Errol Flynn handling the lead function.
  • Number twelve is “The Great White Hope” from 1996, based upon the life of heavyweight champ Jack “Galveston Giant” Johnson, played by Samuel L. Jackson.
  • At number thirteen, we have “Requiem for A Heavyweight,” including Anthony Quinn as an imaginary heavyweight fighter beat by Cassius Clay in 1962.
  • “The Champ” takes the fourteenth area and focuses on a down-on-his-luck fighter, starring Wallace Beery, launched in 1931.
  • And lastly, at number fifteen, we have “Big George Foreman,” a movie set to be launched in 2023, starring Forest Whitaker.
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