Image: Tim Tszyu ready to let fists do talking against Brian Mendoza

In an interview with FOX Sports Australia, Tim Tszyu, the WBO junior middleweight champ, showed an absence of interest and engagement. Tszyu appeared unbothered by the concerns asked by the mediator and consistently reacted with disinterest, mentioning that he could not care less. This mindset towards promoting his approaching fight against Brian Mendoza raises issues, as Tszyu requires to produce more buzz and catch the attention of fans. Mendoza, on the other hand, revealed his decision and preparedness for the fight. Despite being identified the underdog, Mendoza delights in the chance to show himself and intends to attain triumph. Tszyu, nevertheless, kept his indifference and merely wishes to let his fists do the talking in the ring. The stress in between the 2 fighters appeared throughout the interview, with both revealing their desire for the fight to start. Tszyu highlighted that he wishes to harm his challenger, while Mendoza asserted his objective to take Tszyu’s avoid. There appears to be an understanding in between the 2 fighters that they are not thinking about taking part in trash-talking and game-playing. Instead, they depend on their efficiencies in the ring to promote themselves. Tszyu, with a hunter mindset, is concentrated on today minute and the difficulty ahead, overlooking the significance of the advertising occasion.

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