Renan Barao And Other Top Competitors Win At IBJJF Fortaleza Open 2023

The IBJJF Fortaleza Open 2023 happened over 2 days and showcased a few of the very best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu rivals, consisting of a surprise look by UFC legend Renan Barao. Barao, going back to BJJ competitors, won gold in the gi in the Master 2 light-weight department on the very first day. Another standout entertainer in the adult department was Israel Almeida, a brand-new member of the ATOS competitors group, who declared success in the exact same weight classification.

Felipe Bezerra, an accomplished Judo black belt, controlled the ultra-heavyweight and outright departments, protecting 2 gold medals on the very first day. In the females’s departments, Ingridd Alves showed her abilities by winning gold in the heavyweight and outright classifications on the very first day. She continued her success on the 2nd day, clinching gold in the super-heavyweight and outright departments in the no-gi competitors.

The 2nd day of the competition included a number of popular rivals, consisting of Pedro Agrizzi, who attained double gold in the guys’s super-heavyweight and outright departments. Agrizzi’s excellent return after protecting just a silver medal on the very first day highlighted his decision and ability.

Overall, the IBJJF Fortaleza Open 2023 showcased top-level grappling and presented skilled young potential customers contending in the colored belt departments. These increasing stars might have appealing futures in the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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