Polaris GP, Duarte Crowned Champion But Andrey Steals The Show By Beating Bodoni And Livesey

On September 30, 2023, the Polaris Open Weight Grand Prix happened in Wales, United Kingdom. The competition included leading jiu-jitsu grapplers from around the globe, representing different weight classes. The occasion showcased fantastic skill and unanticipated upsets.

One noteworthy upset was available in the type of featherweight Fabricio Andrey beating 95-kilogram Giancarlo Bodoni, the existing ADCC World Champion. Andrey, understood for his accomplishments with the gi, had no substantial achievements in the no-gi circuit. However, he handled to beat Bodoni, a much bigger challenger in a thrilling match that showed the essence of jiu-jitsu.

Andrey’s success continued in the preliminary when he beat Owen Livesey, a Judo and Wrestling expert from England, who likewise surpassed him by a considerable margin. Andrey showcased his abilities in stand-up warfare, surpassing Livesey in his own specialized. His efficiency throughout the competition was good.

On the opposite of the bracket was another Brazilian, Kaynan Duarte, the 99-kilogram ADCC Champion. Duarte controlled Jason Rau, a leg-locking expert from the United States, in the preliminary. He showcased his abilities in takedowns, passing, installing, and sending Rau. In the semifinals, Duarte dealt with Australia’s increasing skill, Izaak Michell, in a more well balanced match. Despite Michell’s effort and winning some fumbling exchanges, Duarte’s early work protected his area in the last.

The last clash was an all-Brazilian affair and saw a considerable weight distinction of almost 30 kilos. Duarte used the very same method as his previous matches, scoring early. Fabricio Andrey showed extraordinary standing abilities, avoiding Duarte from enforcing his weight. Duarte turned to pulling guard to prevent Andrey’s standing expertise. From the bottom, Duarte performed a shoulder crunch/violin sweep, transitioning to the back position, and eventually winning the match with a cross face/short choke. Duarte showed a tidy and dominant efficiency throughout the match.

Aside from the grand prix matches, there was likewise a superfight in between previous UFC champ Aljamain Sterling and expert MMA fighter Mike Grundy. The match primarily happened standing, with a couple of neck attacks off of snapdowns. Though the match was hectic, neither professional athlete protected substantial scoring positions.

Overall, the Polaris 25 GP Open Weight Grand Prix showcased high-level jiu-jitsu skill and thrilling matches. The unanticipated upsets and dominant efficiencies made the occasion a must-watch for fans of the sport.

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