Park Frontline athlete tops competition at Brazilian Nationals

Sherwood Park’s Frontline Academy has actually accomplished another gold medal in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as Brown Belt Chayse Diekema won at the Brazilian Nationals. Diekema explained the competition as distinguished, and winning it was a huge offer. Competing in the light-weight department, Diekema won her very first 2 matches by points, won the semi-finals by submission, and won the finals on points. In the semi-finals, she got captured in a triangle choke however handled to get away and send her challenger. Diekema formerly won gold at Europeans and ended up being the Pan American champ. Despite losing in the quarter-finals at Worlds, she is figured out to attempt once again next year. Diekema just recently got her black belt and trains carefully, consisting of dealing with an individual fitness instructor and nutritional expert and going to CrossFit. She acknowledges that contending at the black belt level will be next level since some rivals have actually had their black belts for ten years. However, Diekema is concentrated on practicing and getting ready for the black belt matches.

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