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  1. This fight is kinda the beginning of the downfall of the UFC, IMO. This decision was an absolute joke, a complete and total farce. Since this fight, there have been a succession of equally terrible and bogus decisions that have been plaguing the UFC. Coupled with the fighter pay issues, the shit stain that is Dana White, I truly, truly hope the UFC collapses. MMA will be 100% better off without UFC and Dana White.

  2. For those saying Reyes won you are bugging. He preformed well but it wasn't enough to become champion. He had to finish strong and didn't. Jon won 4 and 5 and Reyes won 1. 2 and 3 could go either way and were super close. That's the deciding factor at the end of the day. Jon did what he had to do to win and Reyes was close but was short and could have for sure preformed better even though it was impressive. Just was too close to really give him the belt.

  3. I still don't understand how people give Jones Round 2. No takedowns. People can say "pressuring" is important but it seems Reyes strategy is to keep moving to avoid kicks, which he did. He has more significant strikes in Round 2 as well. This was such a weird decision. I thought Reyes 1-3 and Jones 4&5.

  4. Round 1 One-sided Reyes
    Round 2 Close but had it for Reyes
    Round 3 Clearly Reyes
    Round 4 Close but had it for Jones
    Round 5 One-sided Jones

    Ultimately, any scorecard that has Jones winning 3 is a complete robbery. Even Jones 2-4-5 is wrong in my opinion, but you could at least make a case for it.

    Whats shocking is one judge thought Jones already won the fight after 4 rounds lol you could make an argument for 4-0 Reyes but this crackhead thinks Jones had it all wrapped up lmao

  5. 22:54 is what is wrong with UFC, it’s supposed to be a brawl, reyez loads up a strike on Jones who is literally trying to get him on the ground to break an arm or shut his artery to make him pass out… but he can’t punch him in the back of the head, if you wanna go for a takedown, it should be smooth, and not counterable, that’s a free shot he has to pass on because of rules, and basically gives his back because of it. Not a Jones hater, or reyez fan, just a fan of the sport, and I like safety but I feel like if we want to watch FIGHTING, we have to let the fighters defend themselves as if they were fighting not in a octagon.

  6. Reyes did a good job on landing strikes against Jones, but that doesn't mean he won. It's very close, JJ also landed good shots. I've watched this fight 5 times. JJ is still the goat. Period.

  7. Man I hate when the judges fuck up history with scoring wrong.

    Even though it was a close as fuck fight and Jon Jones clearly won rounds 4 and 5, Dom deserved the win here.

    Absolute robbery and a disgrace from the judges.


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