Mikey Musumeci (L) and Shinya Aoki (R)

Mikey Musumeci, the ONE flyweight submission grappling world champ, knows that he will be at a weight downside against his challenger, Shinya Aoki, in their approaching match. Aoki, a natural light-weight, has a credibility for sending bigger challengers throughout his BJJ and MMA profession. However, Musumeci prepares to utilize the concepts of Brazilian jiu-jitsu to his benefit. He thinks that BJJ permits smaller sized people to conquer bigger and more powerful challengers through take advantage of and method. Musumeci sees Aoki’s size as a chance, as he thinks that it will be simpler for him to clinch Aoki’s slender limbs. Musumeci keeps in mind that in no-gi matches, challengers with much shorter limbs can be harder to manage, while long-limbed challengers are simpler to manage. The match in between Musumeci and Aoki will happen at ONE Fight Night 15 in Bangkok and will be relayed live on United States Primetime.

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