Falcons Kickboxing Club celebrates two new champion titles – The Isle Of Thanet News

The Falcons Kickboxing Club just recently had some significant success at a competitors in Chippenham. The club’s group, that included Aston Young, Zachary Evans, Cleo Musslewhite, Esmay Amini, and Vinnie Young, had a strong proving at the Hero of the Hall occasion. Aston Young won the Junior WRSA World Title, combating 7 rounds against Belgium’s Achraf Boujadaini. He showed exceptional motion, hand, and leg mixes, eventually beating his challenger to end up being the brand-new world champ. Cleo Musslewhite likewise emerged triumphant, protecting the WRSA Area Junior Title with a TKO triumph over Caitlin Charles. Additional staff member likewise had success in their particular battles. The head coach and senior trainer revealed remarkable pride in the group’s effort and devotion, applauding their function as motivating good example for other members of the club.

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