Enigma Invitational Results, Deandre Maintains Unbeaten Streak In Stacked Division

The Enigma Invitational, a popular jiu-jitsu promo, held a light-weight competition that included widely known names in the no-gi jiu-jitsu scene. The occasion, relayed on enigmajiujitsu.tv, showcased rivals such as Jeremy Skinner, Deandre Corbe, Dominic Mejia, and more.

One of the most significant surprises of the competition came when purple belt Reese Lefever beat skilled rival Jeremy Skinner with a fast leg-locking exchange. Despite being ranked lower and less acknowledged, Lefever showcased his abilities and beat the #1 seed in the competition.

Deandre Corbe, understood for his amusing design, showed why he is considered among the most amazing feather/lightweights in the no-gi scene. Using his passing strategy and aggressive ending up impulses, Corbe sent all of his challengers and became the deserving winner of the competition.

Although Lefever’s triumph over Skinner was outstanding, numerous thought that David Stoilescu should have the Breakthrough Athlete Award. The Australian brown belt showcased exceptional abilities, killer impulse, and athleticism throughout the occasion, developing himself as a name to view in the grappling world.

The outcomes of the Enigma Invitational Lightweight GP 2023 are as follows:

Round 1:
– Jeremy Skinner beat Brandon Ferguson through Z-lock
– Reese Lefever beat Ben Eddy through 2×0
– David Stoilescu beat Jordan Wirth through outdoors heel hook
– Henrique Camargo beat Anthony Valdez through flying armbar
– Deandre Corbe beat Augusto Rabelo through inside heel hook
– Landon Elmore beat Josh Wyland through choice
– Carlos Henrique beat Alex West through triangle
– Dominic Mejia beat Jordan Holy through armbar

– Reese Lefever beat Jeremy Skinner through outdoors heel hook
– David Stoilescu beat Henrique Camargo through RNC
– Deandre Corbe beat Landon Elmore through reverse triangle
– Dominic Mejia beat Carlos Henrique through 3×0

– David Stoilescu beat Reese Lefever through 2×0
– Deandre Corbe beat Dominic Mejia through shoulder lock

– Deandre Corbe beat David Stoilescu through RNC

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