Bo Nickal continues his winning streak with a decisive victory over Val Woodburn at UFC 290. Nickal showcased his striking skills by quickly dropping Woodburn to the canvas in a mere 38 seconds. Without relying on his wrestling background, Nickal stunned Woodburn with a powerful right hook, followed by a left hook and an uppercut. The onslaught left Woodburn unable to continue, and Nickal secured the win with a single follow-up shot. This impressive performance solidifies Nickal’s undefeated record and establishes him as a force to be reckoned with in the middleweight division. #UFC290 #BoNickal #UFC
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  1. For all you guys that think that you can win your belts mostly standing against Bo lol…remember Khabib? ..same thing, how was that.. 29 – 0..maybe Bo is that dominating on the ground also?.. We'll see.

  2. Bo looks to small for that division. He could easily make 170. Look at Islam compared to Bo. Bo is slightly taller but Islam is thicker and Islam is a 55er.
    I just don’t believe Bo will stay at 85, after he gets the big strong top 10 he’ll realize size matters and drop.
    Just my opinion. Could be wrong but idk

  3. Been following Bo since Penn State. Incredibly athletic and incredibly strong. World class wrestler and they've clearly taught him to strike. With any kick defense whatsoever, he'll crush anyone they put in front of him. Anyone.

  4. You think izzy gonna let him punch him….gore prevented take down so im sure izzy got it to so till he starts fight top teir fighter i dont care….many fighters have done what hes done many have failed with brighter prospects so prove me wrong, please


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