Aljamain Sterling, the former bantamweight champion, held a press conference after his loss in the main event of UFC 292 on Saturday. Here are the official results of the event. If you want to stay updated with all the latest UFC content, make sure to subscribe. You can also watch UFC live through the digital subscription service called UFC FIGHT PASS. For ordering UFC Pay-Per-Views, visit the respective links based on your location. If you’re in the U.S., go to ESPN+. If you’re outside the U.S., visit the other link. Looking for official UFC gear, memorabilia, or VIP live event experiences? Check out the official UFC online shops. Connect with UFC on various social media platforms including their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitch. Stay connected with UFC FIGHT PASS on their social media accounts as well. Join the conversation about UFC 292 using the hashtags #UFC and #UFC292.
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  1. hi Aljo, as a Georgian and as a fan of yours and a merab, I want to say that you are acting ugly, the merab thinks about you, but you don’t, all the words that you said can be flushed down the toilet, starting with a different weight, ending with Merab’s time – his Time. you will lose a second time by knockout if you put money first and not friendship

  2. I wish we saw this version of Aljo more. Feels like when he "won" the belt that way, fans went at him & he embraced the heel role. Maybe he'll get back to normal now. The second he lost he seemed to drop the nonsense

  3. this had to happen sadly. now you’ll get the respect you’ve always deserved. glad people are coming to realize you’re just an individual chasing the dream. look forward to your rematch. ain’t no one more deserving tbh.

  4. I like this guy. He's earned my respect from watching him fight. That fight he won to first get belt I thought maybe he took advantage of the illegal knee but he won the rematch then beat Tripple C and TJ too and I really like him now and I apologize for miss judging him. I'm a fan now bro for life. You an awesome fighter.

  5. Thats how a Champion should take a loss. Respect to you Aljamain, look forward to see you come back. I thought he was fine too he done what a lot of fighter do, he rolled to his stomach so he could get by is legs under him and get up. I think Ref thought he was rolling into the fetal position which isn't intelligently defending yourself but he didn't do that he just rolled to his stomach to get up. He looked like he could continue but the Ref done what he thought was correct to protect the fighter.


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