ADGS Miami, Duda Tozoni Makes Her Mark At Rooster, Rookies Jara, Soares, & Jurema Strike Gold

On September 17, 2023, the AJP Tour went back to Miami, Florida for the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam. The occasion included leading grappling stars from numerous champions, consisting of IBJJF, ADCC, and AJP World champs. Below are the outcomes of the significant matches in the adult black belt department.

In the 56kg department, Kalel Santos of Cicero Costha became the champ, beating Welison Fernandes in the last. Andrew Soares of Vision declared the title in the 62kg department, beating Yuri Hendrex in the last. Marcos Froede of Cicero Costha had a remarkable run in this department too.

The 69kg department included first-rate professional athletes, with Joao Bisnaga and Israel Sousa of Atos controling the field. Ultimately, Joao Mendes won the gold in a friendly match with his colleague Israel Sousa. The 77kg department saw Natan Chueng of Fratres return to the winning column, beating Vinicius Paoli in the last.

Jose Jurema of Checkmat stuck out in the 85kg department, protecting 2 submission wins and the gold medal. In the 94kg department, Fellipe Andrew became the champ, while Adam Wardzinski scored the most submissions. Roosevelt Sousa of Fight Sports declared the title in the 120kg department.

In the ladies’s departments, Duda Tozoni of Commando Group mastered the 49kg department, beating Brenda Larissa in the last. Beatriz Gutierrez and Thaynara Victoria of Dream Art carried out remarkably well in the 55kg department. Julia Alves of GFTeam showcased her armbar abilities in the 62kg department. Ingridd Alves was the standout entertainer in the 70kg department.

Overall, the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in Miami showcased the skill and ability of the leading grapplers worldwide. The occasion was extremely competitive and produced thrilling matches in each weight class.

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