“We Both Thought He’d Beat BJ”: 21 Years After Iconic Showdown With BJ Penn, Joe Rogan and Co. Drop a Startling Claim on Matt Serra’s Performance

Podcasts have actually ended up being popular not simply for home entertainment, however likewise as a method to get understanding. One podcast host who masters this arena is Joe Rogan, the host of The Joe Rogan Experience and a UFC analyst. Rogan’s podcast offers a platform for home entertainment, news, and understanding.

Rogan is not just an intriguing character, however he likewise has numerous layers to him. He holds a black belt in jiu-jitsu and has a background in stand-up funny. In a current podcast episode, Rogan hosted some famous MMA and UFC fighters, with whom he thought back about their previous experiences.

During the episode, MMA legend John Rallo, who played a crucial function in getting MMA approved in Maryland, went over a fight in between Matt Serra and BJ Penn in 2002. Both Rogan and Rallo were supporting Serra, however Penn wound up winning the fight. This result was questionable at the time, as Rogan and Rallo thought Serra was worthy of the triumph. The discussion restored memories for Rogan, who remembered the early days of their relationship and the gigs they did together.

The conversation then moved to the earlier days of the UFC, which Rogan referred to as more “savage” and “animalistic.” He kept in mind that the UFC in 2001 was a various monster compared to what it is today. Over the years, the sport has actually developed, with more stringent guidelines and policies. Despite the modifications, UFC has actually gotten tremendous appeal.

The short article likewise discuss a different subject where Joe Rogan’s spinning-back kick was as soon as ranked listed below another fighter by Michael Jai White. It welcomes readers to talk about whether they concur with Rogan’s evaluation of the earlier UFC days and whether Serra must have won the fight against Penn.

In summary, this material goes over Joe Rogan’s podcast and his current episode including famous MMA and UFC fighters. It highlights a discussion about the questionable 2002 fight in between Matt Serra and BJ Penn, along with Rogan’s reflection on the earlier days of the UFC. The short article likewise quickly points out a different subject including Rogan’s spinning-back kick.


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