“There’s No More Calming Place in the World for Me” – BJJ GOAT Gordon Ryan Pays a Touching Tribute to Late Father on 62nd Birthday

BJJ star Gordon Ryan just recently commemorated his late dad on his birthday. Ryan, understood for his abilities on the mat and his outspoken nature, required to Instagram to share a wholehearted message about his dad. Gordon Ryan Sr., who was associated with his boys’ professions, transferred to Puerto Rico with them to train in BJJ. In the post, Ryan remembered a fond youth memory of riding in an automobile with his dad, with rock n roll playing and a McDonald’s beverage in hand. His dad shocked him by doing donuts in the school parking area, leaving him in wonder of the automobile’s power. Ryan revealed just how much he missed his dad and how driving that automobile with his dad’s homemade scorched CDs was a relaxing experience for him. Fans flooded the remark area with love and shared stories about their own dads.


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