Renowned Bow Hunter Allen Bolen On Moving From Wrestling To BJJ And The Benefits Of Competition

Allen Bolen is a 47-year-old bow hunter, coloured belt IBJJF Masters World Championship winner, and a grappler. He started training Jiu-Jitsu 2 and a half years earlier after his boy, Jake, started battling in high school. Allen was a high level wrestler in his own high school days, however was not able to make it to the top due to household and work dedications. After taking a break from the sport and viewing Jake contend, Allen was influenced to return into grappling.

When he entered his very first competition as a white belt, he got disposed on his head and kimura’d rapidly. His coaches saw his capacity and he was promoted to blue belt right after. After training hard, he just recently attained his purple belt.

Allen thinks that competitors is the very best method to determine one’s development and abilities, which is why he completes in Jiu-Jitsu and bowhunting. In bowhunting, Allen’s objective is to eliminate huge record book animals, and he is happy to state that he has more leading 5 bow-killed record book animals than any other individual. He is really systematic with his technique, and typically misses shooting chances that others would take. He likewise holds a high requirement in whatever he does, and is suspicious of those who declare that they do not attempt to take house larger antlers or win significant competitions.


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