Meregali Beats Cyborg At FPI, Nicky Rod And Craig Jones Score For B-Team

The UFC Fight Pass Invitational (FPI) happened on June 30, 2023, including an open weight competition and numerous extremely battles. In the competition quarter-finals, Dan Manasoiu beat Gabriel Arges, Fedor Nikolov upset Rida Haisam, Vagner Rocha beat Fellipe Andrew, and Nick Rodriguez beat Roberto Jimenez. There were no significant upsets in the semi-finals, with Dan Manasoiu sending Fedor Nikolov and Nick Rodriguez beating Vagner Rocha. In the last, Nick Rodriguez emerged triumphant over Dan Manasoiu in EBI overtime.

In the extremely battles, Nicholas Meregali took on against Roberto Cyborg, with Meregali eventually winning in EBI overtime. Felipe Pena went head to head against Craig Jones in a carefully matched and back-and-forth bout that was eventually chosen in EBI overtime. Other noteworthy matches consisted of teenage phenom Helena Crevar beating Emily Fernandez through rear-naked choke, Roman Bravo-Young drawing with Alex Perex, Glover Teixeira winning by choice over Anthony Smith, and Craig Jones beating Felipe Pena in EBI overtime.

Overall, the FPI offered fans with amazing matches and showcased both familiar faces and increasing stars in the sport of jiu-jitsu.


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